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Pentecost Sunday by Bishop David

This morning we were very grateful to have David, Bishop of Basingstoke leading our Parish Communion – this is his sermon: 2000 years ago the disciples were hiding in an upper room – bewildered and frightened, but also obeying Jesus … Continue reading

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Parish Communion by Revd. Andrew Ashdown

The feast of the Ascension is one of the most important of Christian festivals and yet perhaps one of most neglected in the western church.  Western theology tends to stress the earthly life of Jesus and his physical resurrection appearances.  … Continue reading

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Valley Worship Service 17th May 2020 Talk by Gerry Stacey

Romans Chapter 6 And so we come to chapter six in our journey through Romans. And for those of you who are finding it a bit of a hard slog I would say two things. Firstly at one point St … Continue reading

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Jesus the way to the Father by Revd. Andrew Ashdown

From our Gospel reading and what is known as Jesus’ farewell discourse to his disciples:  ‘Do not let your hearts be troubled.  Believe in God.  Believe also in me.’. And from the Book of Acts and the martyrdom of Stephen:  … Continue reading

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Valley Worship by Zoom Sunday 19th April 2020 – Romans 5 by James Wright

We all enjoyed the new experience of Zoom Church this morning at Valley Worship with perhaps 80 people joining us from their homes. James Wright preached about our moral condition from Romans 5 as follows: Yuck-Yuck & God’s overwhelming grace. … Continue reading

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Where we can find confidence in this crisis? Easter 2020 by Revd Alex Pease

The above taken by LLM Gerry Stacey at his PC altar at home Online communion in the Ellis household. Easter 2020 Where can we find confidencein a crisis? Where can we find confidence in a crisis? In 165 AD, while … Continue reading

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What are we doing on earth? A question for Palm Sunday 2020 Luke 19:28-40 by Revd Alex Pease

Palm Sunday 2020 Everyone was asking, ‘who is this Jesus?’ On Palm Sunday Jesus gave his answer.  He said who he is and who he is not.  But he did not give the answer directly, but in a way to … Continue reading

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Hope for when it isn’t ‘over before Christmas…or Easter’ Ezekiel 37:1-14 by Revd. Alex Pease

Ezekiel 37:1-14 ‘It will all be over before Christmas’ That is the cheerful (and probably imagined) response of the British to moments of great challenge, like the first world war ‘we will give this enemy a good thwacking and send … Continue reading

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Jesus can do more for us that we can possibly do for him The Woman at the Well John 4:5-42 by Revd Alex Pease

John 4:5-42 The Woman at the Well We have the APCM round the corner and I am obviously thinking a lot about the many people who contribute so much to our four churches over the course of the year. Apart … Continue reading

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Its only if there is justice that we can know that our sin is no more Romans 3:20-31 by Revd. Alex Pease

Romans 3:20-4:25  Its only if there’s justice that we can know that our sin is no more ‘There’s no justice’ its a common refrain from people standing in front of the cameras outside the Royal Courts in the Strand, from victims of … Continue reading

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Decisions and the Holy Spirit John 3:1-17 by Revd. Alex Pease

John 3:1-17 Jesus says:  ‘What is born of the flesh is flesh and what is born of the Spirit is spirit’ How do you make decisions? It seems to me that there are three ways of doing so: Firstly, the … Continue reading

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The Good Samaritan – a talk for Family Worship by Tim Clapp

Well did you enjoy that bible parable?  So does anybody know what the meaning is of a parable? It is a little story that Jesus used to teach with. What is Jesus trying to teach us with todays parable?  Does … Continue reading

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How to drive off the tempter Matthew 4:1-11 by Revd. Alex Pease

Matthew 4:1-11 You will have seen in IVN for this month that I asked our neighbours how they were getting on with their New Year’s Resolutions? It is a truism that gyms get out all sorts of new equipment for January … Continue reading

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Temptation and Lent – a sermon for Ash Wednesday by Revd. Alex Pease

Ash Wednesday Sermon 2020 – Temptation Temptation and Lent Do you go or have you ever been to a gym? The idea of a gym is to build our physical fitness and is a good thing to do even when … Continue reading

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Peter says: its tough now, but look at the evidence – He is King and He is coming back! 2 Peter 1:16 by Revd Katherine Miller

A couple of summers ago I had a letter through the post which said ‘Jury Summons’. I am sure if you have experienced being on a Jury you will agree, it is a fascinating experience. Put together with 11 others, … Continue reading

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