Support for Ukraine

We have put together an amazing team to home and support Ukrainian refugees in the valley.  From accommodation to transport, funding to befriending we have many volunteers but are always looking for more. Many will come with nothing and be traumatised from their experiences. The most important thing will be to make them welcome and feel part of the community. If you can help in any way please contact us at  To be kept up to date please ask to join our WhatsApp group.

In addition to the immediate problems we need people to help and advise on education, language, work, medical access and all the other things of everyday life which will be a challenge to them.

This will be a long term problem needing a long term solution and we will need funding. If you feel you can help us in any way please click on the Ukrainian flag at the bottom of the page to donate. Funds will be managed through the church charity account and ring-fenced for Ukrainian refugees. We can recover gift aid and if we receive more funds than we need for refugee relief in the valley these will be donated to an appropriate fund for Ukrainian refugees elsewhere.

We are also looking for corporate supporters especially those able to offer employment. Whilst many may arrive with skills and qualifications they will be delighted for whatever opportunities we can find.

We have an amazing pledge from Judes Ices to match the first £10,000 we raise ourselves together with promises of  employment.

Our supporters include our local MP Steve Brine, teachers, nurses and doctors. Our church and community working together can provide a real opportunity to Ukrainian families.

So, please, if you feel you can help in any way please get in touch on: .