We finished the Alpha Course for 2018 in Tuesday night.  We used the Alpha Film Series this year which was completely amazing.

The course was for Lucy and I at the very least, the high point of our week. Our 12 candidates pretty much stayed the course and we had some wonderful discussions and a lot of laughs. We were very fortunate to be fed every evening by our wonderful volunteer cooks under the direction of Jude Mezger, so thank you so much to Jude and to Charlotte and Patrick Appleby, Gilly Greenwood, Sarah Hunt, Gerry Stacey, Elizabeth Bouldin, Jill Croft, Lavinia and Nick Owen and also to Amanda Seymour, Sara Janssen, Brigid McManus and John Bouldin who helped serve and wash up.   Thank you also to the DCC of St John’s church who keep everything going there and enable us to use this wonderful building as our venue.  Thank you also to the Owens for inviting us into their home for the Holy Spirit Day.

Every evening our seats were laid out  for us by Vernon Tottle for whom this was a lot of extra work and to whom we are very grateful. Thank you also to Beccy Clark for all the administrative support and setting up and taking down the projection and sound equipment every evening – ‘roadie’ was never part of Beccy’s job description so thank you also to her.  

As we receive them I will post on this page the comments made by our course members (anonymously of course).

Our next Alpha Course will start in September 2019.  Please do let me know if you would like to attend. 

Alex Pease

A letter to those living in Itchen Valley Parish

Dear Neighbours,

Last Summer in the Who Cares Survey, you helped us a lot by being really honest about answering our one question anonymous survey ‘What hurts the most?’.  We may live in a beautiful place with some wonderful people, in the dynamic communities of the villages of the Itchen Valley, but it is still clear (from the results of the survey) that quite a large proportion of us are not flourishing in the way that God intended when he made us, whatever we may choose to reveal to our neighbours.
On September 18th this year, Itchen Valley Parish are holding the introductory supper for a course which I believe will be the starting point for many in being able to step beyond what currently hurts the most.  It is called the Alpha Course.  Two short videos follow which explain a bit about the course are on the copy of this email on our website please follow this link:
The course will run on Tuesday evenings in Itchen Abbas between 18th September and early December.
Now you may have one of a number of reactions to this – one is not to be interested in the very least.  That is absolutely fine by the way!  Please just delete this email and forget I sent it! Most of all please don’t attend out of any sense of wanting to support me – this is not one of those occasions.
The other possible reaction maybe just a little spark of interest.  If you have that, I believe that you may be being invited!  You will be very welcome, even if you have major misgivings about going on a course like this or even about Christians.  I certainly did when I attended the same course in Tokyo back in the 1990s, so I quite understand!  You will be welcome because you are our neighbours, whatever you think, however radical or however conventional and whoever you are!  You will be completely free to speak out your views during the group discussions!
But if you do think that you would like to come to the introductory supper on September 18th just to check it out – please do let me know so that I can deliver an invitation to you and make sure we have enough food!  If it doesn’t suit – there is no need to come back to another session and no one will follow you up afterwards!
Best wishes
Rev Alex Pease


Alpha is a series of interactive sessions that freely explore the basics of the Christian faith.

We will be running an Alpha Course on Tuesday evenings beginning on Tuesday 18th September 2018.  There are nine sessions and there is a break for half term.  There is an Alpha Spirit Day on Saturday 3rd November.

The first evening is entitled ‘Is there more to life than this?’

No pressure.  No follow up.  No charge

FOOD              TALK              DISCUSS

“What Alpha offers and is attracting thousands of people, is permission, rare in secular culture, to discuss the big questions; life and death and their meaning” The Guardian

Why do Alpha – see the following article published in Itchen Valley News September 2014 edition: