Life Courses

In 2020 we ran The Marriage Course in Itchen Valley Parish.

IVN Marriage Course flyer

In 2019 we ran the Parenting Children Course.  James and Julia Wright kindly ran both of these courses for us.  We also ran this course in February 2013 The Parenting Children Course, the Parenting Teenagers Course we ran in September 2014 The Parenting Teenagers Course and The Marriage Course we ran in February 2014 The Marriage Course.  All these courses went fantastically well and were very well attended.  So far as The Marriage Course is concerned, 13 couples stayed with us throughout the whole course and one couple’s thoughts on the course are published in the May edition of Itchen Valley News: Nick Owen’s comments on The Marriage Course in IVN.

We are so grateful to the volunteers who cooked and served throughout the courses and made it an amazing experience for all the guests.


All of the courses are inspired by Nicky and Sila Lee of Holy Trinity Brompton and more information can been seen about these courses at

Those who have attended the courses will know that Nicky and Sila Lee speak of the transformational effect on their thinking about family relationships that their Christian world view has given them.  For those who have intellectual objections to Christianity or who find the whole church thing rather a bore, but are intrigued at the assertion that Christianity could contribute to transforming real problems in the real world, in September 2019 we ran Alpha at St John’s Itchen Abbas (see The Alpha Course).  These sessions give an opportunity to discuss the meaning of Life the Universe and Everything over supper and with coffee and biscuits – the style is very similar to the Life Courses and the course comes from the same church in London – Holy Trinity Brompton.