The Bible Course

The Bible Course

Due to the Coronavirus we will not be able to hold the face to face sessions in church. However I would like to be able to help you all to complete this course online in some way and will be working this all out and getting in touch in the next few days.


An eight-session course helping you explore the world’s bestseller.

The Bible is a big and complicated book to read and for many it can be difficult to know where to start. Maybe you’ve been part of a Bible study group and want to build your confidence so you can study the Bible on your own, or maybe you need help connecting together the bits you’ve been reading. The Bible Course is a great resource, whether you are familiar with the Bible or just starting out.

  • The Bible Course helps you see how the books of the Bible are part of one big story.
  • Using a unique storyline, The Bible Course will show you how key events, books and characters fit together.
  • The video teaching, course guide and daily readings will help you grow in confidence as you read the Bible for yourself.

The Bible Course will run at St Johns church Itchen Abbas on Tuesday evening from 7.30pm – 9.00pm for eight weeks starting 11th February. Drinks & snacks provided.

The course will help you understand how all the books of the Bible fit together to form one epic story. By the end you will know how and where the individual books of the Bible fit, what story they tell and how this ancient book is still relevant and transformative today.

Whilst it is ideal to be able to attend all eight sessions we can provide the videos so if you have to miss a session you can easily keep up by watching at home.

A typical session includes:

Welcome from the Course host
20 minute teaching video
30 minute discussion time
20 minute teaching video
15 minute personal reflection to finish
Daily readings between sessions

If you are interested in coming please let me know at Gerry Stacey  or leave a message at 07554 438973. We need to know numbers because we will provide you with an accompanying handbook at the start of the course.

For more information please go to The Bible Course.

If you are not able to make any of the sessions the videos will be posted here, week by week for you to keep up.

Session 1 : Introducing the Bible

Session 2 : Creation

Session 3 : Exodus & promised Land

Session 4 : Judges & Kings

Session 5 : Exile & Prophets

Session 6 : Jesus & The Gospels

Session 7 : Acts & The Church

Session 8 : Revelation & Review