Valley Visitors


A team of pastoral visitors known as the ‘Valley Visitors’ have been exercising a caring ministry on behalf of the Parish of the Itchen Valley for many years. We visit those who are bereaved,housebound or elderly. Visits are also made to those who are ill at home and their carers,those in hospital if appropriate and others who might find a visit helpful. Valley Visitors are commissioned by the Rector and agree in the commissioning ceremony and in writing to follow the Valley Visitor guidelines in the their visiting which are summarised below:

Valley Visitors will not provide advice or assistance to those they visit (the ‘Neighbours’) with any medical problems, give pills or give physical assistance to the neighbours they visit.

Valley Visitors are encouraged to discuss Christianity religion/spirituality or praying with the Neighbours (if they are comfortable doing so).  If the Neighbours request that the clergy visit them then the Valley Visitor coordinator is to be informed and will advise the Rector.

Where Valley Visitors have been appointed as Eucharist Assistants they are able to offer the Neighbours Home Communion, after arrangement with the Rector in each case.

The Valley Visitors are bound by the General Data Protection Regulation as set down in the PCC’s published policy on this. Very strict confidentiality must be observed on all information about Neighbours and their condition and needs. Valley Visitors must not discuss such information with each other, only with the Valley Visitor Coordinator. Exceptions to this will only apply in the event of need to call medical or emergency services.

Visitors are requested to report to the Valley Visitor Coordinator fortnightly whom they have visited, together with any advice about the needs of the Neighbour.

Valley Visitors are asked to exercise particular care both inside and outside homes visited.

Valley Visitors are requested to wear the Valley Visitors lapel badge for all visits which confirms their status as Valley Visitors.

It is anticipated that Valley Visitors will be asked to maintain regular contact with a small number of Neighbours on a non-exclusive basis. This does not preclude visits to other clients.

All Valley Visitors must have current safeguarding checks. They may not act as Valley Visitors without these.

Valley Visitors will endeavour to make themselves available for training organised by the Parish.

Nothing in these guidelines is intended to inhibit the existing visiting of those medically qualified to do so, or of friends, not holding out to be from the Valley Visitors. Friends should check to make sure that any personal insurance policies provide cover where needed.

Friends are asked to provide the Valley Visitor Coordinator with details of such visits, as part of their fortnightly reporting, if these are relevant to the Valley Visitors activities, in order to ensure that any vulnerable or needy neighbours are not neglected.

Two or three times a year we are running a Seminar for the benefit of our Valley Visitors to increase our knowledge about different aspects of pastoral visiting as described here:

Valley Visitors Seminar on Dying Well