Duck Race by Gerry Stacey

A real scorcher of a day greeted us all at the Easton Duck Race. Unfortunately for health and safety reasons only the duck wranglers were allowed in the river although many of us (especially the children) would have loved to have joined them but had to make do with you know whose ice cream to keep cool.

The duck wranglers (Andrew Impey, Andy Tan, and Iain Macleod and Simon Ffennell) exhibited great skill, dexterity and fearlessness in the face of such torrents of water to keep the ducks herded in the right direction. Robert Hall eloquently commentated on their progress, broadcasting it to the multitudes via megaphone. A new hazard this year, Poole’s Leap, was successfully circumvented by most and the eventual winner was number 201 backed by Henry Oakwood.

The other prize winners were: Duck 11- Tallulah Jeffes, Duck 133 Scarlett Culshaw, Duck 30 Jessica Gloyn, and Duck 261 Ian Macleod. The special prize for the last duck home was won by Judy Bishop and drunk very shortly afterwards, a feat I very courteously helped her with.

As it was we were all winners when we retired to Clare and Andrews’s home at the Old Rectory for a wonderful barbecue, excellent salads and Jill’s chutneys. Many thanks to them for their hospitality.

A big thanks to everyone who helped out and whom I have either forgotten or never knew about. A wonderful day out for the villages.

Thank you to James Greig for the fabulous photographs.

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