Christingles light the way for Christmas by Loulou Stirrup

On Sunday 6th December St Mary’s Church, Avington opened its doors to the first living service since before the spring lockdown. The Georgian interior provided an elegant background to the lively antics of the Christingle service where some members of the congregation were invited to tackle an obstacle course in the nave whilst blindfolded; a playful illustration of what it means to try to navigate your way through life’s difficulties without Christ’s teachings as your compass.

The 18th-Century box pews served a useful 21st-Century purpose in enabling people to come together, but remain safely apart. It is fitting that the first service here in many months should be one that celebrates the triumph of light over darkness, and one that, perhaps for the first time in its long history was dedicated specifically to children, marking the start of a new chapter for this beautiful church.

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