The Ark at Home

Happy Christmas Ark-ers, I hope you are all ready and excited.

Here is this week’s Ark session for you and your family to work through – have fun.


So, today is the grand finale of our series looking at The Fruits of the Spirit. – who can remember what they all are– there are 9?

Galatians 5:22-23 says:

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control; against such there is no law.

Today we’re going to look at fruit number nine – Self Control.


Let’s start by worshiping God and by singing a song to remind us of the fruits of the spirit – get your instruments out and join in:

Or sing your own worship song on the theme of peace.

GAME– let’s play a game testing our self-control – this should be fun, so feel free to adapt it for your own children – but the key is to see how long they can not do something.

Suggestion 1: Doughnuts.

Give your kids sugary doughnuts. See if they can eat them without licking their lips.

Suggestion 2: Chew me

Give your child a sweet. See if anyone has enough self-control not to chew it!

Suggestion 3: Don’t laugh!

Get your children into pairs. One child should try to make the other laugh. See who manages to keep a straight face for longest.


Begin by discussing what the word ‘self-control’ means – what is it, how do you do it, display it and seek it?

Ask your children, how hard it was to control themselves during the game? And why? Then chat about other aspects of their lives where they might need to control themselves – school, with siblings.

Explain that we need God’s help to be able to show self-control, and that this verse shows that He will enable us to have self-control if we let him work in us.

Have a go at learning the verse together – maybe try breaking it down and having different people saying each word. They have to say their bit at the right time and to stand up when they do so. For fun you could see how fast you could recite the verse with everyone standing up and sitting down at the right times.

The Point:  To show that God helps us to exercise all of these emotions and reactions


Thank you God, that over this last term we’ve had the chance to have fun together and learn more about the fruits of the spirit. Holy Spirit help me each day to show the fruits of the spirit – like an apple tree is recognised for its fruit, help me to be recognised as a follow of you by the fruits I display. Amen


Film a short video summarising what you’d covered and share it with the Ark Zoom WhatsApp group – if you are no on it, I can add you – text me on 07717174740

Happy Christmas – see you in the New Year!

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