Prayer for the Parish – Today at 11am

You are warmly invited once again to join in a collective prayer for the Parish of the Itchen Valley today at 11.00am (or to pray individually at another time of day that suits you better).   Potential areas of concentration for these prayers might include:

  • Gratitude for the successful process to appoint Peter Walker at our new Priest in Charge and Rector-Designate and for all those involved in this very good outcome and who brought it about both efficiently and effectively.
  • A real sense of peace as well as excitement about this move for Peter and his wife Georgie and that they would feel immediately and warmly welcomed into this community after they join it in August.
  • Strength, collegiality and vision for the Team responsible for organising and leading services over the coming months, during the remainder of the vacancy.
  • A new season for the Parish under Peter’s leadership that would mean it would flourish all the more and continue to build on the excellent foundations laid during Alex’s tenure.

Many thanks,

John Barber

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