Valley Worship – Sunday 6th February

Valley Worship was much enjoyed by a congregation at St John’s, Itchen Abbas, on Sunday morning, with the centrepiece of the service being an excellent talk by Tim Clapp on humility, drawing on the account in Mark 9:30-37 of Jesus’ response to the argument amongst the disciples about who amongst them was the greatest.   Tim spoke powerfully about how Jesus himself is the ultimate model of humility and encouraged us to take daily steps, however small and tentative, to follow that model.    The band of Dave Parker, Sarah Noble and Lesley-Ann Ritchie led us well in worship and the selection of songs amplified the theme of humility.

James Wright, a natural in the role, acted as service leader and interviewed Lavinia Owen as part of the long-running and much valued Everyday Lives Series.   Lavinia’s recounting of her history and of the role of faith in handling the ups and downs of life was very moving and inspiring.   John Barber led the prayers, with an initial focus of gratitude for the long reign and self-sacrificial service of Queen Elizabeth II on the 70th anniversary of her accession to the throne and for her own relationship with Jesus.    Towards the end of the service the congregation was infused with fresh energy and life when members of the Ark and their leaders arrived and they reported on an engaging session also concentrating on humility.


A recording of the service can be found here:

Some further references to humility can be found here

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