Calling all School Year 6 – 10 Children!

We are delighted to tell you that we are planning to relaunch UTX following a Covid pause and we would love to invite you to a pool party and BBQ on Sunday 3rd June.  If you do not want to swim, this is not a problem there will be other games to keep you amused. This will be an opportunity to meet with old friends and make new friends and to discuss how you would like UTX to develop when we start meeting again in the new school year.

The group is limited to secondary school age children (Y7-Y10) but we would like to invite current Y6 children as you will be able to join in September.  The group is open to anyone in this age range so please do pass this invitation on to other friends either in the parish or outside.

Further details are attached and please reply using this link.

We really do hope you will be able to come.



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