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Sunday, October 13, 2013

We are taking a break from the lectionary from now until the
end of November and during this time we shall focus our Sunday
Bible readings and sermons on the subject of the Holy Spirit.

We often focus our attention on God the Father and we are active in
talking about Jesus Christ, the son of the Father, but we can overlook the
third person of the Trinity – God the Holy Spirit.

Gordon Fee a famous American-Canadian theologian who serves as
Professor Emeritus of New Testament Studies at Regent College,
Vancouver writes this in the introduction to his epic work on the Holy
Spirit called ‘God’s Empowering Presence’:

“For Paul the Spirit, as an experienced and living reality, was the absolutely crucial matter for Christian life, from beginning to end…For the contemporary church it seems much less so, both in the academy…and in the actual life of the church. I do not mean that the Holy Spirit is not present; he is indeed, or we are not of Christ at all. Nonetheless, despite the affirmations in our creeds and hymns and the lip service paid to the Spirit in our occasional conversations, the Spirit is largely marginalized in our actual life together as a community of faith. 
At least that seems to be true of my own experience of the church; it also
seems to be reflected in the thousands of ways individual believers have longed for a greater sense of God’s presence in their lives.”

God’s Empowering Presence (1994), pages 1&2

As we preach and learn through the coming weeks it is our hope that we
might begin to dispel that here in the parish. We need an understanding
and experiences of the Holy Spirit to be able to accomplish our mission
and ministry and indeed to continue the momentum of activity together.

Often the Trinity is described as God the creator, Jesus the redeemer and
Holy Spirit the sustainer. It is that sustaining which is so important. What
keeps us going as Christians and as the Church? It is the sustaining power
of the Holy Spirit. Jesus promised that the Advocate, Comforter would
come. At Pentecost he came with mighty power – life for the disciples
and Jesus’ followers was never the same again.

We hope to help and encourage you over the next few weeks. The Holy
Spirit is not some oblique and scary thing but a personal source of love
and power who equips us with everything we need to be the disciples and
followers of today. The sermons and reading are listed here – do read
them and think about them before and after you hear the sermons. We
will try to make our sermon texts available to you too.

“Since the days of Pentecost, has the whole church ever put aside every
other work and waited upon Him for ten days, that the Spirit’s power
might be manifested? We give too much attention to method and
machinery and resources, and too little to the source of power.”

Hudson Taylor (1832-1905)

Please take this offer to join in with us. If you wish to discuss this further
then do please contact a member of the Ministry Team.

Revd Andrew Micklefield

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