Bishop Tim’s Challenge

If someone asked you what you believe as a Christian, could tell them in the length of a tweet? This is a version of ‘the elevator conversation’ and involves an answer in no more than 140 characters. Bishop Tim admitted that he had cheated slightly, but his suggestion was:  God creates & luvs a wrld of beauty yet there is evil, suffering & sin; Jesus lives, dies & rises, restoring creation as God’s Kingdm & gives us the Spirit to live his mission”.Being clear about what we believe is a really important part of being a good witness to Christ because we need to be able to explain our faith to people when they ask us about it. Why don’t you have a go? Some of the congregation have already agreed to try it and we are looking forward to hearing what you say!  Revd Rebecca Fardell 

To help you think here are 2 we have come across:

God creates. Creation anticipates. Man sins. Satan grins. Death spews. Jesus renews. Church begins. Jesus wins.

Love wins!

Some of our young people wrote their versions at UTX last week; here are their thought-provoking ideas:

#YOLO never happened to Jesus. God is powerful and Jesus is #YOLF. He lived and died before me. [note: for the uninitiated, YOLO means You only Live Once and YOLF is You Only Live Forever]

God created the earth and everyone in it. Jesus loves us and forgives us. God sacrificed his son for us and is always there to guide us.

God source of faith. Source of hope. Source of love and dedication. Always there to hear your prayers and pleas for help.

The most important thing to you can change the world and the way people live. Love is the most powerful thing you will ever receive. Go Jesus.

God creates Abraham obeys Gabriel comes Jesus born Jesus preaches Judas betrays Jesus crucified Easter Day Jesus Ascends #YOLF Always w Jesus

God created the world in 7 days which is more than you do if u r permanently on Twitter. God is the Son, the Father, the Holy Spirit Not (tumbler icon) (twitter icon) (Facebook icon)

World creator. People maker. Miracle worker. Life saver. Peace bringer. God is anything and everything.

Revd Rebecca Fardell

So adults…your turn!

Alternatively, what you might want to tell a stranger in the elevator who asks you (please not a stranger who only wants to find the way to the haberdashery department)  is your own journey of faith i.e your testimony – why you believe, rather than what you believe….

So if you would like to come up with that as a tweet as an alternative then please do so.  My journey of faith in a tweet would be: 

Difficult time; attended Alpha; understood gospel; impossible prayer was answered, changed direction; fear abandoned; confident in future.

Revd Alex Pease

John Bouldin writes: Would you like a friend who inspires, guides and supports you, who gives meaning to your life and will be with you at your death and beyond?

Sarah Shirley writes: I believe Jesus Christ is the son of the living creator God. Through his teaching, sacrifice and resurrection, Jesus is my saviour and constant companion and my hope of eternal life




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