Keeping cool in the hot house – IVP PCC Away Morning

Its such a great venue Old Alresford Place – in immaculate condition – and with excellent facilities – coffee, tea and lunch;  a great place to discuss the proposed Parish Mission Action Plan for Itchen Valley Parish.

It was a great opportunity for our new Rector Amanda Denniss to set out her vision of what could be in the parish in the next few years.  In fact I cannot think of a better place to be on a sunny September morning than in the conservatory at OAP with such a delightful group of people…unless of course I had tickets to the Rugby World Cup…


We had some great discussions in which I think we were all pretty open about our thoughts on the direction of travel for the Parish over the next three years and what we should be aspiring to do.  It is fantastic that we have so many people who are so passionately engaged in the future of the church in these villages.  The clergy team are very grateful to everyone’s contributions and giving up the time on a lovely Saturday morning.  We have lots of food for thought of the next few weeks and months.


Following the animated discussion on the pMap we held a PCC meeting to address various points of parish business and left after an excellent lunch provided by the OAP staff.

Alex Pease

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