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Thy Kingdom Come – video of events throughout the Diocese

While we were enjoying our wonderful Thy Kingdom Come sung evensong on Pentecost Sunday, this is what was happening elsewhere in the Diocese

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What a Christian does when someone spits at them…Matthew 5:7 Blessed are the Merciful by Revd. Alex Pease

Blessed are the merciful Matthew 5/7 A true story……Waterloo station one evening:  A passenger stood waiting for his train to Winchester.  A man came up to him and spat in his face and said ‘I can’t stand Christians’ and walked … Continue reading

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Valley Worship Sunday 16th June 2019 at St Mary’s Easton 10am

I do hope that you can join us to our monthly Valley Worship!

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Not drunk as you suppose! The evidence for the Resurrection by Revd Alex Pease

  Tonight we held our very special sung Evensong to celebrate Pentecost as part of the world wide prayer in Thy Kingdom Come movement and 70 people in the parish joined us. A few days ago half a dozen of … Continue reading

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The Acts of the Apostles….were acts, not chats! Acts 2:1-21 by Revd Alex Pease

The Acts of the Apostles were Acts not chats! It’s easy to feel defeated, like the disciples before the Resurrection, hiding in a room for fear of the Jews.  Its easy to stay inactive, like the disciples after the Ascension, … Continue reading

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Thy Kingdom Come – how to talk about your faith – more suggestions

Here are some more ideas on talking about your faith from the Archbishop of Canterbury and others  

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Thy Kingdom Come – How to talk about your faith

During Thy Kingdom Come – this week until Pentecost – we are praying that our neighbours might join us in worship.  As we pray we may find that we have conversations with them about faith but have no idea what … Continue reading

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A new heart of flesh Ezekiel 36:24-28 by Revd Alex Pease

Ezekiel 36:24-28 Who has heard these sorts of comments about the Bible:  “I don’t think it means that…’; “its not relevant for today”; “its all too fundamentalist”; “Why should I follow something written so long ago”; “It’s all made up … Continue reading

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Ascension or Astronaut? Acts 1:1-11 by Revd Alex Pease

Acts 1:1-11 Was Jesus an astronaut? I guess that the landing on the moon in 1969 was one of the biggest events of my childhood.  It fired the imagination.  Incredibly memorable.  The count down.  The clouds of smoke as the … Continue reading

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Thy Kingdom Come Day 1

Our Thy Kingdom Come worship begins today with our Ascension Day Communion service at St Mary’s Easton at 12 noon.  Please do come and learn whether Jesus was an astronaut or not. Also please see the first in a series … Continue reading

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Family Worship Sunday 2nd June 2019 at St Mary’s Easton at 10am

Please do join us for our Family Worship service at 10am at St Mary’s Easton on Sunday – if you have one come dressed in your favourite superhero costume!    

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Making a Difference: Matthew 25:34-36 Winchester Basics Bank and Night Shelter

As followers of Christ, we show our love for him and our appreciation at what he has done for us, by serving others; as the very challenging passage in Matthew 25:34-36 below shows us. Today in our service of Parish … Continue reading

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Making a Difference Together – a talk at our service on Sunday 26th May at St Swithun’s Martyr Worthy 10am

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Dying Well – a Valley Visitors Seminar at Southwood House

We plan to try and hold a seminar for Valley Visitors and everyone else who is interested once every six months on a subject relevant to pastoral care for people in our community.  The aim is to improve constantly the … Continue reading

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Thy Kingdom Come Prayer Walk Tuesday 4th June 2019

I have realised that walking around the entire parish is just too much for one day!  The parish extends from Shroner Wood in the North, to Yavington in the East, to Cheesefoot Head in the South and to Princes Mead … Continue reading

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