Easton Crib Service 2015


It is a phenomenon when the whole of a community comes together in church to worship God.  Every pew, collapsible chair, kneeler and standing space was taken for the annual Christmas Crib service at St Mary’s Easton this year as 308 of us crammed into the church.  With huge numbers of children from the very youngest to the shortly to be married and their parents, grandparents, uncles, cozens and aunts were all there!


The singing was spectacular.  we had the many regulars from the Itchen Valley Parish choir who occupied the choir stalls early to ensure that they had somewhere to sit.  The singing was stupendous and the descants were beautiful.   Just amazing.

As Oliver Denniss unfolded for us the story of the nativity with the skill of a Radio 4 presenter, each character was brought up to the crib by one or other child in between the carols.

A totally wonderful start to Christmas!

Revd Alex Pease

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