Update from the Diocese of Lango, Uganda


As diocese of Lango we feel blessed for God bringing us together with Winchester diocese to jointly serve his people better in various ways; spiritually, morally and socio-economically. With your commitment to strengthen the link in order to help each other in various ways more than just financial support, we are confident that God will always provide where there is vision in line with his purpose of our appointments in the different ministries we exist.

As a diocese we are progressing steadily and seeing God do wonders in the lives of his people day by day. We have held various crusades, missions and outreach services to encourage Christians but specifically deal with their needs or help them serve Christ better. We successfully walked the way of the cross and shared passionately the love of Christ with each other as we remembered his sacrifice for us. The sections below presents summarize updates under each sector of our diocese in line with our partnership and vision.

Overall progress.

Generally the all diocese is okay and improving steadily. We have had progress in various departments; mission and evangelism:- We have new passionate and great team join the department and serving Gods people in various aspects, Planning and development: – Getting to lively and bringing the rest of the departments together etc. we have appointed new board members in all the five departments at the diocese (Mission and Evangelism, Education, Planning and Development, Health and Finance). We feel this will enable the different programs under the various departments move on steadily. We have also started the process of developing a strategic plan to help us serve Gods people better. We want to concentrate on Key priority itemsthat will significantly transform the lives of God’s people within the next five years. We will be sharing with you this updates of key priorities for your prayers and support where possible.

How the last Financial Gift sent in November 2013 has helped us.

First we would like to say, thanks for the financial support and may God richly bless you.

The financial support helped us in various ways as presented below under sub themes and respective photographs.

  1. Diocesan Infrastructure Development.

With the financial support received, we were able to establish various structures that are helping or will help serve Gods people in various ways.

  1. Staff Quarters.

We were able to establish three houses for staff though not yet completed fully, the only remaining thing on them are the doors, windows and plastering otherwise the entire construction and roofing work is completed. We feel having staff at the station willgive them time to reflect on various issues that affects  God’s people, pray over them and as well be easily reached by the various Christians who may neednsupport from them at any time. The photo at the side

One of the Houses constructed Staff quarters

Staff Quarters

shows one of the three structures constructed for staff.

Mothers Union

We have also established two structures for the mothers union at St. Augustine.  One is roofed and the other one at the roofing level.

This will help the mothers union in their service for Christ in various ways, you will realize that at the Diocese, the mothers union and the youth makes the mission and evangelism department very lively.

One of the two structures for the mothers Union.

Mothers Union


  • Education sponsorshi ps and Support.

Through this financial support and our local collections, we are supporting 170 young people especially the orphans and vulnerable children in giving themvarious skills at the diocesan vocational institute;

70 are doing tailoring, 15 are doing carpentry and joinery, 30 are doing welding and metal fabrication,  35 are doing block laying and concrete practice and 20 are doing driving and elementary mechanics.

We feel these skills will enable such youth earn a living, appreciate the goodness of God and serve Gods people better when they grow up.

Photograph illustrating one of the skills training being provided.

Provision of Training


  1. Support Towards Christ Ministry by the clergies

We noticed that the harvest is surely big but the gardeners are few, this compelled us to recruit and sponsor some clergies in Education and short courses. With the aid of the support you gave us, we are happy to inform you that up to 45 clergies went through the training and were ordained to serve Gods people and another 30 have been recruited and are undergoing training. This will be ordained into ministry after completion of the course and will continue with the ministry of Jesus Christ.

Establishment of Diocese of West Lango.

We want to gladly report that the new developments of establishing the diocese of west lango has affected the diocese positively, To us this has reduced the area of coverage for each priest as we had to increase the number of priests and we feel this will enable them serve better. We are also happy that it has made key persons near to the Christians. To us we resolved to preach the love of Christ and we feel that Lango is still one with only administration decentralized. We have resolved to continue sharing key facilities jointly e.g. Aminakite Theological College and all saints University Lango. This shows the spirit of togetherness. Otherwise for other things that we feel each diocese should handle bilaterally e.g. administration etc., it will go on as expected of any autonomous institution, the two bishops are in close contact with each, they continue to consult with one another so that God’s people are served with love, it is our prayer that this love and working in consultation with each other should continue.

Prayer Items and orsupport Request.

As a diocese, we have a number of things that we feel we should continue to handle as attached below in this table extracted from our draft strategic plan. We want to request that you join us in prayer and where possible support us in any that you feel the spirit of the lord has convicted you to support us in so that his ministry is handled effectively.

No Investment Priorities Thematic Area of the Diocesan Development Plan Identified Diocesan Development Intervention
1. Infrastructures & Human Resource Development

(Planning and Development)

*Capacity Building of the various clergies and diocesan staff. -Skills development trainings and professional trainings for the clergies

– Organizational development training for the clergies (Financial and Human Resource Management Trainings).

– Humanitarian Accountability Principles trainings.

*Establishment of various infrastructures for the church. *Establishment of Hostels for the University as IGAs

*Construction of the resource center for the Diocese

*Rehabilitation and or construction of various units for the different departments and Institutions affiliated to the church of Uganda.

*Registration of the planning and Development arm of the diocese with the NGO board. *Legalizing the intervention of the diocesan development work by registering the planning and development arm as an NGO with the aim of attracting other professionals and donations
Increasing DOL’s and partners visibility Designing a website for DOL, Making:-T-shirts, Calendars, Key holders etc for visibility.
2 Livelihood Transformation programs * Entrepreneurship skills development

*Food and Nutrition security Projects

*Environmental conservation projects

*Peace Building and Sexual gender based violence

*Establishment businesses and self help projects for the various archdeaconries and parishes.

*Establishment of Lango Christian’s savings and Investment Micro Finance Institution.

*Food and Nutrition security projects for the various archdeaconries and parishes

*Energy saving project initiatives e.g. Agroforestry, Energy savings stoves, Advocacy etc.

*Establishment of peace clubs in various archdeaconries and Parishes.

3 Education -Vocational Education

-Primary, Secondary and University education for the various Christians of Lango Diocese.

– Establishment of more vocational institutions at various archdeaconries

– Talent identification and talent building

-Establishment of scholarship schemes for the various categories of Christians at various levels of education.

-Introduction of specialized skills trainings and various innovations in primary, secondary and Universities affiliated to church of Uganda.

-Establishments of various networks and internship linkages with various education institutions in various countries.

– Ensuring basic education and Functional Adult Literacy for the various lay readers in the C.o.U.

4 Health *HIV /AIDs prevention programs

*Reproductive health problems

*Malaria control

*Opportunistic Disease Prevention

* Upgrading the standards of the various health centers

* International, national and regional collaborations and networks for equipment donations and other forms of support

*Strengthening health service monitoring & advocacy

*Health Education through radio programs and various community events.

*Establishment of Girl power and Boy power initiatives to enhance education of infected youth.

*Enhancing availability of Low cost sanitary pads in primary and secondary schools

*Peer Education and Stories of shame sharing.

5 Mission and Evangelism *Transport Facilities

*Public address systems

*Out reach services and sharing of Love

*Transmission studio.

* Access to the word of God (Bibles)

*Fund raising for transport means at each archdeaconry

*Fund Raising for public address system at each parish head quarters

*Database develop for the various disadvantaged groups and meeting them at their various points of needs.

* Establishment and or reviving of a transmission radio / TV station for preaching the word.

*Introduction of cells in all parishes for sharing of Love and caring for the different Christians

*Distribution of Bibles to the various parts of the diocese


We want to send you our sincere; love, thanks and prayer that God should continue to bless you. We will continue to pray for you as you pray for us. We are glad of your kind updates to us, we will always keep you informed of the progress at the Diocese of Lango so that we always continue to keep each other in prayer. Sorry once again for the delayed response; we will surely be glad and feel blessed to hear from you.



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