Little Rainbows new term

We started our new term at Little Rainbows this morning and, because school is still out, our Little Rainbows had their elder sisters and brothers with them as well!


The game of ‘Ambulance Goalie’ (a game invented for Little Rainbows) which involves sending a toy ambulance careering across our carpeted floor and seeing if the toddler playing the game can stop it (the nearest thing that you can play to football inside a church) took on an almost athletic dimension when played with a rather older sibling of one of our Little Rainbows.  The curate was so exhausted that he had to give up!

IMG_0032 2

We had our usual diet of crafts (making happy and sad faces) or playing with the toys; followed by a snack, then dancing and then a story.  This time Rebecca told the story of the women discovering the empty tomb and all the children showed their happy faces.

Always a great way to start the week.

If you have or are looking after a child under four you would be very welcome!

Revd Alex Pease



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