St Mary’s Easton: Candlelit Thanksgiving Evensong 2016


It’s a huge business to keep the church in a community running.  So many people involved: those who look after the graveyard, polish the brasses, do the cleaning, do the flowers, the sidesmen and women, and the PCC and DCC members and the Church Wardens.  And in a village as special as Easton (though not more special than all the other AMAZING villages in our Parish, please note) a lot of special people put in a lot of work.


So on Sunday evening we held a candlelit evening service in the church to worship God  and to thank Him for St Mary’s and those who spend so much time doing this special work.


Revd Amanda Denniss lead the service,  and we all sang heartily some fantastic hymns.  I preached on ‘What is the most THRILLING thing that you can spend your life doing’…..and that talk is posted separately on this website.Link to sermon


Then after the service and Vanessa had given thanks on behalf of the church wardens, the pews were moved to one side and the party started!  Delicious canapés from all over the village and drinks to boot.  Wonderful conversations with so many people.  Just a totally wonderful evening – thank you so much Easton!

Revd Alex Pease






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