Auction at Easton for the Itchen Valley Churches by Frits Janssen

The auction and supper organised by Vanessa Rosewell at Easton Village Hall on November 18th was a great success.

The supper was organised by members of the DCC and the room, the food and general atmosphere for the 65 guests was wonderfully warm and friendly.

But the purpose of the Auction was to raise funds for our four beautiful historic churches. Vanessa had clearly organised a charity auction before because it was all so well organised:- calling for gifts and promises to auction, advertising the event and organising the team and auction on the day.

Even before the auction she had received £2200 of bids for some of the lots, all of which were viewable on the Itchen list. Ian Souter, Auctioneer from Southern Counties Auctions was the evenings auctioneer whose management of the auction process was professional enthusiastic and fun. There were 35 lots, all reflecting Itchen Valley ownership. The first lot was a painting of St Mary’s Church by Joan Bickerdyke, who has lived in Itchen Abbas for more than 50 years. Bidding for the remaining 35 lots proceeded very swiftly, including a Jill Croft Christmas hamper, garden design by Lucy Collis, apple tree pruning by Tim Clapp, a flower arrangement by Pauline Lund, a house blessing by Jan Brookshaw, days out on the Solent, a ride on a combine harvester and the right to name two of David Pool’s young race horses. The big earners were the accommodation offered in London Verbier, Cornwall and Bembridge which together raised nearly £2000, to brings the grand total raised to an amazing £5500.

Many thanks to Vanessa and to all the organisers who delivered another very special Itchen Valley event, as well as those who gave the gifts and promises and those who bid for them all. I hope for a repeat next year to satisfy the underbidders!

Frits Janssen

And further thanks from me too – just brilliant that so many people were willing to get involved by offering lots and bidding for them.  It makes a huge difference to us!

Alex Pease

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