Christmas Tree of Prayers

On Monday 3rd December Revd Alex Pease led a school assembly at Itchen Abbas Primary School in which we looked at how to live in community and how we can be kind to our neighbours.  He explained that one way that we can be kind is to pray to God for them.  Since then the children of the school have been thinking with their teachers about who they might pray to God for (or think kind thoughts about) this Advent season.  

At the rehearsal for the IAPS nativity, Alex led the children in a prayer  (or kind thought about) about those people while they each held a star with the name of that person written on it.

The stunning Christmas Tree at St John’s, Itchen Abbas has been decorated with these stars.

If you would like to add a star with the name of someone you are remembering in your prayers this Christmas there are spare ones to be added.

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