Family Worship at St Mary’s Easton

We had a lot of fun on Sunday at our Family Worship at St Mary’s Easton….or at least I did…and I hope that the children and their families did as well!  The theme was ‘God can set the captives free’ and was about God bringing the plagues onto Egypt and then leading the children of Israel out of captivity.  We had some remarkable roles by George as Moses and James as Pharoah, Hugo and Isla helping Pharoah as his soldiers and a raft of very small slaves building pyramids with jenga bricks.  All on the new moveable rug at the front of the church which enables babies and toddlers to crawl about to their satisfaction.  Antonia sang beautifully and the band under David Parker and Tim Clapp’s leadership played well with Julia Wright leading the actions!  The Brines read the story from the Lion First Bible and the Rogers read the prayers.  Thank you to everyone who took part.  And the church was packed: 55 adults and 34 children!  Just brilliant.

Next month on the first Sunday of the month – April 7th – there is something incredibly exciting in store as Tim Clapp opens up the story of Daniel in the Lion’s Den…..don’t miss it!

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