UTX Stargazing Evening by Kelly Gibson

John and Elizabeth Bouldin kindly hosted us for our November Social, and 18 UTXers came along to find out more about our night sky.

Cloud kept the beautiful Itchen Valley night sky under wraps for most of the evening but that didn’t matter as we all gathered in John and Elizabeth’s living room to learn more about our solar system, our closet galaxy and look at some stunning photos taken by the Voyager space probes.

Over drinks and space themed biscuits two teams battled it out to win lovely space themed prizes.

As we waited for the cloud to clear we learned more about space, the universe and some of the stars and planets we can see in our night skies on a clear night. By the end of the evening the clouds had cleared enough to allow us a closer look at the moons craters.

A huge thank you to John and Elizabeth for a very enjoyable and interesting night.

Kelly Gibson

John Bouldin has kindly given us some follow up links to see more about the Voyager Mission The Voyager Mission

The Cassini Space Mission The Cassini Mission

Finding Stars and planets Stellarium.org

The size of Space

Constellations and stars to look for in the sky

Cassiopeia (and beyond – Andromeda)

Orion:   (Betelgeuse – Red Super Giant and Rigel – Blue Super Giant)

Planets to view now

Saturn and moons

Jupiter and moons

Happy star gazing – but ask yourself this one question – as this all started 13.7 billion years ago – who lit the fuse?

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