Online Parish Communion Sunday 22nd March 2020

During this crisis we are going to be inviting you to join with us in worshipping God each Sunday, but in the comfort of your home rather than in our church building.

Please find your service sheet here –Parish Communion 2019 – Lent and our hymn lyrics here Hymns 22nd March 2020 please print these out or open them in separate windows so that you can take part in our service as we lead it on line.

Please watch this video, which is a welcome to the service.

Please settle yourself down, turn off the phone ringer, give the dog a bone, make sure that the children have something to do and make sure that you can be undisturbed for about an hour!

Our service will start at 10am – to watch it please play the the video below and wait for the service to begin at 10am, there will be a countdown clock prior to 10am.



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