24 Hours of Prayer for Loulou Stirrup – urgent

24 hours prayer for Loulou Stirrup

Dear Parishioners,

As you may know, Loulou Stirrup of Avington (a member of our church community) is in ICU suffering from complications arising from the birth of her new son Felix a couple of days ago.  The situation is very serious.

As we did a few years ago for Sonia Cragg, I am organising 24 hours of prayer for Loulou.

Please sign up (by emailing me with the slot during which you are committing to pray) to pray for Loulou for a complete restoration of her health and strength for Dan and her three children during this incredibly difficult time for them all.

The idea is that you agree to pray for her for an hour (or in an hour) at an hour that you have committed any stage from 1pm today until 1pm tomorrow.

Pray whatever prayers you like during the time that you are on duty or you can pray the prayers that I am putting below.  Please when you sign up (by emailing me) can it be assumed that you are allowing us to circulate to all those who are participating your email address.

At the end of your hour you should send an email ‘handing over’ to the next person on the list.

If you have felt God speak to you about anything in particular then please pass that message on and, in particular, if any particular Bible verse occurs to you please draw it to the attention of the next person also.

A prayer for Loulou

Father God

We bring before you Loulou Stirrup

We pray for her complete recovery from her sickness

We ask that you will restore her to Dan

and to her three children

by your mighty power

which turned the misery of Good Friday

into the joy of Easter Sunday

We ask this in Jesus name


Please see the signup chart below and let me know by email which slot you are willing to pray in.

24 Hours Prayer for Loulou Stirrup

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