AV Project for St Mary’s Easton by Theo Mezger

On Monday, the parish PCC approved a substantial investment in a new audio-visual system for St Mary’s, Easton.

Whilst the benefits will be many, a key purpose of this is to materially improve the total experience of modern worship in the church. Further in conjunction with the newly installed Wi-Fi, this system will allow us to not only import live material from the internet but more importantly broadcast live via Zoom services to those of the congregation that will not be able to attend in person for the next several months. The new system will involve the installation of additional speakers, suited to voice and music, a mobile TV screen where we will project words for songs or indeed anything we may require, a wireless system for our musicians, to replace all the unsightly and unsafe cables we suffer at present and a new desk to be located at the back of the nave from where the whole system will be managed.

Since the parish is now missing its income from events, it has been decided to fund this exceptional investment of more than £20,000 from gifts. A number of most generous benefactors have already committed the greater part of this sum but it is understood that there are others amongst us who would yet like to make a contribution. If you are one of those, please contact Theo Mezger (theo@judes.co.uk  or 01962779277 or 07775 908014) either for more information or to make a pledge. Be assured that every contact and pledge is being treated as strictly confidential.

We are now in the process of seeking the approval of the Diocese for this project, which may well take a few weeks. It is only once we have such approval that we shall be asking those that have pledge funds to pay them in.

We all have confidence that the new audio-visual system will transform the worship experience of the parish.

Theo Mezger


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