Love your neighbour…who’s a stranger. A new initiative for lockdown.

Love your neighbour heart

Lockdown has been tough for so many of us.  But one upside in Itchen Valley has been getting to know our neighbours through our local WhatsApp (and other neighbour support groups) much better than we might have done before.  I want us as a church to capitalise on this and to get to know our neighbours even better.  I want to launch a new initiative!

The idea is that each of us who receive this post invites one other couple or family to tea or drinks in our garden (only meeting outside – with social distancing (2 meters apart) – and no more than six at a time). Very straightforward – its the sort of thing that we might be doing anyway with our local friends.

But this time I would like to add one twist – that we look down the list of our immediate neighbours and first invite the couple or family that we know the least!  In this way we can build on the situation of closer ties to our neighbours that lockdown and Covid19 has placed us in.

Please do take a selfie and let me know how you get on so that we can report back on this page!



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