Walk of Hope

Spurred on by Alex’ message I have been engaging in the Walk of Hope. So far I have visited 18 of the squares on Beccy’s map and am planning to visit as many as I can by the end.

I encourage you all to take part, there is so much to see and hear. I came across a colony of caterpillars of the Cinnabar Moth on their favourite habitat, the ragwort.


And north of Itchen Abbas found several large fields of poppies. Are times so hard our farmers have taken to opium farming or is there an agricultural use for them?

IMG_0618  and a chamomile field  IMG_0628

Everywhere there were hedgerows full of brambles so looks likely to be a bumper season for blackberries. And not far off judging by these!


And aliens have landed! Way down in the South of the Parish at Cheesefoot head I found evidence in a cornfield!

Annotation 2020-07-18 134424

I have been taking the opportunity to pray in each square as I walk. Not difficult frankly, it is almost impossible not to want to pray when walking in our beautiful countryside. Firstly praying in thankfulness and gratitude for the privilege of being able to live here and being called by God to work in such a wonderful place, and secondly praying for all those less fortunate than ourselves. Especially at such difficult times around the world. We are so blessed.

Go on you lot get out there!



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