Singing or melodic humming at our services

Dear Neighbours,

It was a lovely idea to brighten our Parish Communion on Sunday by leaving the church building to sing outside during the hymns and then to return to seats for the spoken bits of the service.  However unfortunately we are not allowed to do this during this crisis.  Please could I trouble everyone to remember that the only place we can sing hymns is home, watching on zoom, unless you are a professional singer employed for the purpose.  The voices of the St Martin in the fields choral scholars are so lovely that I think that listening is a contemplative delight in itself and rushing out and in and taking masks on and off probably a little disruptive and also conflicts with our risk assessment.  We should stick to the melodic behind mask humming….

For my part I will make a point of not trying to rearrange my microphone during the service!

Best wishes


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