The Ark This Sunday

Welcome to the Ark!

This week we are doing the Ark in our families at home, and we hope to connect with each other by sharing our thoughts with each other at the end via videos or pictures or anything that comes to your mind!

Below are some ideas to look at and discuss as a family. Don’t feel you need to look at everything, just use it as a guide to help lead your time together.


Intro / Recap

This Sunday we are continuing to look at the Fruits of the Spirit.

Can anyone remember what these are? (There are 9)

 Galatians 5:22-23 says:
“But the fruit of the Spirit islove, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control; against such there is no law.”

Last Ark we looked at Peace and what it means.
Does anyone remember one thing they learnt about peace from that week?
This week we are going to be looking at another one of the fruits… PATIENCE!


Let’s start by worshiping God together and remembering His awesome creation today:


PATIENCE! What does it mean?

What do you think the word ‘Patience’ means?

When might you be asked to show patience?

What do you find hard about being patient?

What is the opposite of being patient?


Game! Patient or Impatient?

Listen to these 4 things that little Billy does. Tell me if he is being patient or impatient in each one:

  1. When he wants his mummy to help him tie his shoe lace, he shouts for her to come and help – and he keeps on shouting until his mummy comes.
  2. When it’s lunchtime at school Billy stands quietly in the queue until it’s his turn to get his food.
  3. On Christmas Eve Billy is just so excited about his Christmas presents that he sneaks downstairs and opens one of them early.
  4. Billy helps his mummy make a cake. First he helps her make the cake mixture and pour it in the tin. He then puts the cake in the oven, and while he’s waiting for the cake to cook, he quietly reads a book.

Watch this video and see if you can learn anything else about patience:


Jesus is Patient

Jesus was the son of God. Even when he was a child and a teenager, He still had all the power of God at his command.
But does anyone know how long he had to wait for until he began to do miracles and show people that he was God’s son?

If you have a Bible, look up Luke 3:23 to find out the answer.

How do you think it was for Jesus, having to wait until he was 30 before he started healing people and doing amazing miracles, as well as teaching people all about His heavenly Father?

Jesus shows us amazing patience. He waited for God’s perfect timing.

Waiting Patiently, or Waiting Impatiently

In the Bible, there are over 100 verses that tell us to “Wait on the Lord” or, something along the lines of “wait for God’s timing”.

However, just because we have to wait for something, doesn’t magically make us patient.
We can wait patiently, or we can wait impatiently.

Imagine you are in a car with your family, stuck in traffic. What kind of things would you and your parents be doing if you waited impatientlyin the traffic jam?
And what kind of things would you be doing if you waited patiently in the traffic jam?

How does having patience help us to wait for things (like waiting for God’s perfect timing)?

Love is Patient

In 1 Corinthians 13:4 we are told that “Love is Patient”

How do you think we show love to people when we are patient?
(Think about what we’re like if we are impatient.)

What is hard about being patient?

What do you think causes us to be impatient?

Jesus loves us. Therefore Jesus is patient with us.
Can you think of ways that Jesus shows patience to us?



Thank Jesus for the patience that He shows to us.

Ask Jesus to give you Patience by filling you with his Holy Spirit.
Tell Jesus some of the times when you find it hard to be patient.
Ask Him to give you His strength next time you are in those situations.


If you want to take a video of what you have learnt and share it with the rest of your Ark friends what would be so encouraging!



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