Parish Communion by Zoom 10am Today

Please do join us for Parish Communion by Zoom from St Mary’s, Easton at 10am this morning. 

If you are joining by zoom, just a few pointers to help you to engage fully.  If you do these things I believe that you will have a sense of worship rather than feel as if you have only been watching TV!  So, could I possibly ask you:

a. Please do have wine and bread ready to receive communion.

b. Have your video on,

c.  Please do stand when we are standing in church, sit when we are sitting, say the words of the liturgy when we are saying them, pray when we are praying

d.  Please do sing with the choral scholars of St Martin in the Fields when we in church would love to be singing but cannot because we are in church (but make sure you are muted!).

A recording of the service will also be available later in the day on our YouTube page.  If you do not wish to be included in the recording please let us know by email at the end of the service.

The link to the service book which also contains the words to the songs we will be singing is below, you can either download and print it or view it on screen.

25.10.20 – Online Ordinary Time PC

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