We will meet again, we do know where even if we don’t know when!  In the meantime, Cameo guests were given a little something to remember us by.  Jill Croft had been occupying herself very productively and has made jams and chutneys by the dozens, so we thought that an autumn chutney would be just the thing to warm people up as the weather turns colder.

If anyone would like to join the CAMEO group do get in touch. In ‘normal’ times we have a short communion service and lunch once a month in St John’s Itchen Abbas, but for the moment we mostly talk on the telephone – and share a little treat on the 3rd Tuesday of the month and would be delighted to add to our numbers.

Charlotte Appleby 779

Thank you to Charlotte and the wonderful CAMEO volunteers for shedding a bit of light for our CAMEO guests in this difficult time

Alex Pease

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