New Year, New Spiritual Resources – Lucy Pease

Hello All and Happy New Year!

Thank you to John Barber for his brilliant sermon on Sunday reminding us to dive deep in to God’s word and encouraging us to seek His presence daily, which prompted me to post to you some new spiritual resources I have discovered.

John referred to the daily devotional App, Lectio 365, which I recommended all those months ago in the first lock down.  It is excellent and, like John, I tuned in most mornings in 2020.  The Rector has decided it will be his morning ‘go to’ for 2021.  You can download the App and either read it or sit back, close your eyes and listen to it accompanied by some seriously soothing music – a beautiful way to begin the day if you are not in a hurry.  I did a mixture of both.

The other excellent resource which I know some of you are enjoying is Bible in One Year  by Nicky and Pippa Gumbel.  Just so good and a great mission to achieve reading the whole bible in one year.  This comes in book form or you can download the App and you can either listen to this, beautifully read by David Suchet with commentary by Nicky and Pippa, or you can read for yourself.

For 2021 I have gone back to YouVersion Bible which is a brilliant App with hundreds of different devotional plans according to one’s need.  I have chosen Joyce Meyer’s “Promises For Your Everyday Life”.  Joyce is a beautifully redeemed Christian who has incredible experience and wisdom.  She offers a reading for each day, which she unpacks with great insight.  It is quite quick to do as well, taking about 10 minutes, which leaves time for personal prayer which Joyce helpfully kick starts.

Another popular one is “Jesus Calling” which has been used by thousands of Christians for many years and has appeared on every bestseller list.  It comes in book form or you can read it through the YouVersion Bible App as a daily devotional plan.  It includes real life stories.

There have been some great books to read in 2020 – here are a few recommendations:

The Boy, The Horse, The Mole and The Fox by Charlie Mackesy, British artist and author

Encounters with Jesus by Tim Keller, American Pastor and theologian

The Parables by Paula Gooder, British theologian and Canon Chancellor of St Paul’s Cathedral

Surprised by Hope by Tom Wright, Professor and Research Fellow, Oxford University and former Bishop of Durham


Why Being Yourself is a Bad Idea by Graham Tomlin, Bishop of Kensington and theologian

Dominion by Tom Holland, historian, author

For a reminder of other spiritual resources which you may find helpful please refer to my post of 17th April 2020. 

Reminder of Spiritual Resources – Lucy Pease

This is a good time to think about strengthening your faith while we self isolate, pray, trust and wait to be delivered still from the pandemic.

Lucy Pease

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