James Greig’s Flower Farm in Easton

Last Tuesday Revd Alex Pease visited James Greig’s new flower farm in Easton and prayed over it blessing both the farm and those who will walk past it.
James writes:
– I’ve started a cut flower farm, and plan to supply local florists and
the public with fresh, seasonal cut flowers.
– Its very much a collaboration with the Mezgers who are kindly allowing me to dig up their paddock in the heart of Easton.
– At its heart it is about celebrating the joy of flowers and God’s abundance – they are an intrinsic part of our lives – birth, marriage, funerals, celebrations. They bring joy and brightness to our lives.
– But it is also a project about stewardship and learning to live within the seasonal rhythm of life, in essence a restoration of our land and of our lives – is a way God intended.
For millenia, we have lived a far more seasonal existence, working and observing the Sabbath, and resting more in the colder winter months and having a direct link to nature and the land. But with the advent of technology and electricity – we’ve lost that rhythm and that link to nature – experts now link this to the rise in mental health issues. – For me, I’m interesting in exploring God’s intended rhythm and God’s intended relationship for us with nature.
I’m really interested in how as christians we need to address our impact on the land and on the environment. I will be farming in a sustainable and ethical way along organic methods,  – ensuring a holistic and balanced ecosystem – so not using pesticides which could affect insects or birds and bees, and also attempting to use no single use plastics. I’m also farming along a no-dig, or no-till/ plough method – this is to not disturb the soil structure – which is key to a healthier soil life and minimises the release of carbon which is locked in the soil.
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