All Age Worship Live Yesterday – Update and Recording

The author of the first post about yesterday’s All Age Worship, sent earlier today and republished below, was very modest about the contributions of her family and her to the service.

To remedy this oversight, we should note that with only twelve hours to go, as a result of the other members of the team being ill,  the Wright family and Chris Ellis took responsibility for the whole service.  Julia led it beautifully and with great warmth; she and their children – Jess, Heidi, Ben and Barney  did the actions to the songs (leading us in vigorous dancing that made us forget our frustration that we were not allowed to sing!) and also wrote and spoke the prayers. Everyone was very excited when Chris Ellis spontaneously suggested we went outside to sing our final worship song, which he led on his guitar from inside the church; its sound and his voice carried wonderfully out from that ancient, special building and the assembled congregation joined in with gusto.

As noted below, James Greig wrote a superb talk that was engaging for both the young and not so young present (for which great thanks are due given all else that he has on as an entrepreneur right now) and it was delivered with tremendous zest by James Wright.

We also now have a recording for you to enjoy –


The first live All Age Worship yesterday morning was a wonderful and special service. Despite various setbacks caused by germs and covid rules, we weren’t defeated! 30 of us met for a joyous time of dancing, fellowship and listening to some great teaching on the Holy Spirit. We even managed to step outside to sing out loud together for our final worship song. We were joined by others too who joined us from their homes via zoom.

Huge thanks to Chris Ellis for being the technology mastermind, and for leading us beautifully in worship. Thanks also to James Greig who prepared the talk, and to James Wright who delivered the talk in James G’s absence. Many thanks too to Anoushka for reading Galatians 5 so beautifully for us.

It felt like a foretaste of the joys that await when we can regularly meet together again unrestricted.



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