“On The Way” Cafe This Friday 5th November at Martyr Worthy Village Hall

You may be interested to hear that the cafe continues to be popular and we have had many friends and neighbours from all over the parish come to enjoy it’s delights.  When the sun shines, even if a little chilly, people love wrapping up warm and sitting at tables in the garden as the leaves rustle in the autumn air.  Equally on wet days the gingham tablecloths and gentle sound track create a warm and cosy atmosphere inside providing a welcome oasis.

So if you are not doing anything do come and join us this Friday 5th November when we will have some great coffees – all the frothy ones plus instant and hot chocolate, good ‘ol breakfast tea and a range of other teas, black, green, herb and fruit plus wonderful tempting cakes like Bonfire Night Parkin, Lemon and Blueberry Cake, Gluten Free Raspberry and Almond Cake and possibly Coffee and Walnut Cake and Savoury Scones.

We will very much look forward to welcoming you,

Lucy Pease and Nicky Barber

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