Posada is Returning to the Itchen Valley

In previous years the Parish has taken part in a tradition called Posada. By this tradition, the figures of Joseph, Mary and a Donkey (from a nativity set) travel around the young families of a parish, being welcomed on each of the days of Advent with a prayer and the lighting of a candle.  The idea of Posada is that we are providing the inns denied to Mary and Joseph on Christmas Eve.

We are delighted that the Posada is coming back to Itchen Valley Parish!  The figures will travel around the Parish (in a wooden box) stopping for one night at each of the houses of our young people involving all of our young families, who wish to take part, to act as innkeepers for the night.   The journey will start at one end of the Parish and end in Easton for the crib service.

We will start the journey on Advent Sunday with one of the young families and leave Mary and Joseph (perhaps on display in a window) after saying a prayer (in the box) and having lit a candle (provided in the box).  Then that family will take them round to the next family, and so on, until the final family brings them to the Easton Crib service.  This would also be away of introducing families to each other, if they don’t already know them.

When the nativity set comes to stay with you:

  • When the children are home: open the box (carefully) and place the figures in a suitable place (maybe a window)
  • Light a candle
  • Say the prayer below (and other family prayers if you wish)
  • Pack up the figures the following day and deliver to the next family on the list (having called them in advance!)

We think this will be a moving way of engaging the younger children in the Advent story.

If you are interested in taking part please email Beccy – admin@itchenvalleychurches.org to be added to the list.


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