A prayer for the mothers of Ukraine

God of love we cry for the people of Ukraine and pray for the innocent, the displaced and the frightened.

We rejoice in the spirit of motherhood which surrounds Kyiv.

God of Peace we pray for the families separated

We pray for the precious children at risk and in fear.

We pray for the mothers and the mothers of mothers taking on alone the burden and responsibility of family

God of mercy. We know one of your son’s last acts on earth was to ask the beloved disciple to take care of his mother. We ask you to do the same for the mothers of Ukraine

Give us the strength and courage to do likewise.

We thank you God for all mothers for all their love and care.

  • (This 40 foot high mural in Kyiv, painted by Oleksiy Kislov, represents the spirit of motherhood protecting Kyiv. In one hand she holds a child, her other arm is wrapped protectively around the town)
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