Thy Kingdom Come – 26th May to 5th June

Church of England Celebrates a chance for us all to pray for people to come and know Jesus.

Ascension on the 26th to Pentecost on the 5th June is that hiatus of expectation between Christ finally leaving the earth and the arrival of the promised Holy Spirit. We are all invited to use this period to identify and pray for friends and family, neighbours and colleagues who might come to faith in Jesus Christ.

Resources to help you will be available in all our churches, including a prayer journal from Justin Welby and other booklets.

Easter had passed from the triumphal joy of entering Jerusalem to the lows of the trial and the desolation of crucifixion. Closeted in the upper room the disciples were comforting each other when Jesus appeared amongst them. During the following days he appeared to them on various occasions and explained to them how he had fulfilled the prophets of the Old Testament through his crucifixion and resurrection and explained that he would shortly be leaving them to carry on his work. He left them with his final commandment to go and be his witness to all people throughout Judea and Samaria and to the ends of the earth. But he did not leave them alone, He leaves them with the promise they will soon be baptized with the Holy Spirit and through him they will receive the power they need.

Remember resources are available in all our churches.

Gerry Stacey

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