Valley Worship with Bishop David

What a joy it was to have Bishop David and his wife, Helen, joining us for the Valley Worship Service in St Mary’s Easton on Sunday! Also to be able witness the Confirmation of Phoebe Culshaw, surrounded by her many friends in Easton.

Phoebe’s words were so powerful as she spoke of how Jesus had really fulfilled in her life his promise in Matthew’s Gospel: “Come unto me, all that are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”

And Bishop David, speaking from John’s Gospel, gave a powerful reflection on the blessings that can come when we accept the invitation from the Father and the Son to share in their joy and love for each other.

It was great to have such a wide range of people worshiping in St Mary’s together, and they certainly stayed on a long time to enjoy the coffee! A huge “Thank You” to everyone—whether ‘front stage’ or ‘back stage’—who did so much to make this all possible, enabling us to focus on Jesus “the Way, Truth and Life”.

Revd Peter

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