Wednesdays in the Word – starting this week

The first of our three times of Worship and Teaching is this coming Wednesday (13 September) from 7.30-8.45pm.

Our topic will be ‘Knowing the Bible’s Story’—an opportunity, after an opening hymn or song, to tune in to the great main themes within the Bible.

Please join me if you can!

On Wednesday evenings this autumn we’ll be trying something new: three monthly gatherings when we can come together for a short act of sung worship followed by a time of biblical teaching and discussion.

The biblical writers frequently encourage us to ‘walk in the ways of the Lord’—so the Christian life is all about ‘walking’. Yet we can often be accused of not ‘walking the talk’—of not living out in our lives what we say we believe about God.

  • So on our first evening we’ll take a fresh look at the big picture of what the Bible is teaching us about God—getting to know better the story that we are to be talking about.
  • On our second we’ll think more deeply about what we do when we celebrate Holy Communion together—the meal Jesus gave us in which we can draw especially close to him.
  • And then, on our final evening, we’ll ask how what we have been learning can change the kind of life we should be living in Christ’s service.

Talk, Eat, Walk: three apparently simple things to do along the Christian journey—but worth doing them right!

All three evenings will start at 07.30pm in St John’s, Itchen Abbas, and will be finished by 08.45pm.

Please put the dates in your diary now and join us for as many of them as you can.

Please note: An important part of these evenings is our coming together to meet and talk with each other, so this teaching series will not be offered on Zoom.

  • However, for those who cannot come out at night, there will be other Zoom webinars each month (led by me at 5.00pm on Wednesdays 20 Sept, 18 Oct and 22 Nov) when we will look at the Psalms of Ascent (Pss. 120-134: more details to follow soon).
  • And, as can be seen in the flyer below, there will also be a lunch-time opportunity to look at a selection of David’s Psalms on some Wednesday lunchtimes.

Looking forward to these times together

Revd Peter

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