New Rector – we welcome your views by Lay Chair Isobel Pinder

Isobel Pinder, Lay Chair of the PCC, writes:  over the next few weeks, the PCC will be putting together our Parish Profile, a document which tells prospective applicants for the post of Rector what sort of worshipping community we are and what we are looking for in a new Rector.  It is the PCC’s job to write the profile, but we would welcome the views of our congregation and the wider parish.  We will use as our starting point the vision statement which the PCC developed with our previous Rector, Andrew Micklefield, a few years ago. See: Vision Booklet 2014

The PCC would like to know: what do you particularly like about our vision? Are there better or different ways in which we could fulfil it? Have we missed something obvious?  If you have any comments, please talk to your churchwardens between now and the beginning of June.  We will be available after the 10am Sunday services or you can contact us by phone or email.


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