Martyr Worthy Plant Sale 2014 by Verity Coleman

Dawn: mist and drizzle. Nine in the morning: a hive of activity at Chilland.  Nine forty five: torrential rain…..but at ten sharp the sun peeked through, the queue surged and a rush of wheelbarrows fanned out at speed towards the serried ranks of plants waiting to be adopted. The weather stayed fair as the rows of plants thinned and attention turned to the coffee and brownies and the fine array of homemade food. The river Itchen provided a charming backdrop for the bi-annual Martyr Worthy Plant Sale, kindly hosted by the Impey family, which raised a record breaking £5,500 for the Itchen Valley Parish and St Swithuns Church. Sophie Jackson, Katherine Impey and Mike Gretton, backed by an army of volunteers from the village and beyond, masterminded a highly successful morning, as much party as fundraiser.  A great village event for everyone, whether helping or buying or both, and all headed home with Valley grown plants to make the Valley gardens even lovelier… and perhaps with a homemade cake to keep our strength up! Verity Coleman

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