News on the Vacancy Process by David Anderson, Andrew Impey and Isobel Pinder

As many of you know, the interview process for a new Rector for Itchen Valley has been postponed from next week.  This decision was made in consultation with the Bishop, Archdeacon, Patron and Parish Representatives.  It has been decided that the post should be re-advertised.

These decisions are wholly supported by the PCC Vice Chair and the two Parish Representatives David Anderson and Andrew Impey.

It became clear that the planned interviews might not achieve the result we were looking for and also that the closing date for the original short list of the end of August (a period when many clergy are on holiday) might have put off some good candidates from applying.

So we will readvertise and put a new programme in place as soon as possible .  We are completely confident that we will have a good programme of interviews after we have readvertised.

Following the installation of David Williams as Bishop of Basingstoke, we can confirm that he will be actively involved in the process.

We also firmly believe that the hand of God is on this process and we will end up with the Rector that He has chosen for us.

Please note that the Day of Prayer for a new Rector will continue on Monday 22nd September as announced by Revd Rebecca Fardell.

Isobel Pinder

David Anderson 

Andrew Impey

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