Avington Flower Festival and Itchen Valley Harvest Tea

Do most people invite ponies to tea parties?  No? It must be something about the Valley!Harvest 004


Crossing from the road through the gate of St Mary’s Avington today was like entering into a different world – the clink of china and laughter on all sides as visitor and parishioner alike enjoyed the beauty of St Mary’s both in and out arrayed with harvest produce on every side. I don’t think I have ever seen so many cakes – cakes and bunting for as far as the eye could see and everyone enjoying tea in the sunny Autumnal afternoon.

Harvest 010

Inside St Mary’s we moved from the Vinegar Bible – called that not because the ink was made with vinegar (as one might guess) but because of an error in the printing of the Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard – ‘in the Vinegar’ in this particular version…to the incredible barrel organ which plays by itself (as you wind a handle) as many as 15 different hymns – the difficulty being that you never know quite which hymn it is going to play and so working out which number it is might take until you are well into the first verse: “We shall now sing Hymn 26 ‘All things bright and beautiful’….no…er.. I think it is hymn number 66 ‘Be thou my vision'”… I am sure that the vicar would manage to get it right by the last verse…

Harvest 013

The festival and tea was all so beautifully done and such a great thing to come and experience – especially if you are on an evening hack with your pony or on an outing with your trap – what a great way to spend the afternoon.

Thank you so much to all those who contributed to the wonderful harvest tea and the Avington flower festival – a lot of hard work but which provided so much enjoyment for so many people – and of course the ponies as well…

Harvest 015

Harvest 021

Revd. Alex Pease




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