Candlelit Evensong at St Mary’s Easton by Anna Burness


Last Sunday, 26th October we celebrated St Mary’s, Easton annual patronal evensong followed by drinks and canapes. We had had an amazing response to our invitation to the village and there were a throng of people making their way down the candlelit path on the first dark night of the autumn.

There were new and familiar faces, 88 in total and we sang and gave thanks to the very many who help to keep our church functioning in a wide variety of ways and therefore at the heart of our community. Our Easton resident and retired priest Jan led us in worship – aren’t we fortunate that we have been able to keep going during the vacancy with people like her and our amazing ministry team.

Then the pews in the back of the church were quickly stacked against the walls, the bottles uncorked, and a fabulous variety of canapes provided by the congregation got the party under way. Thank you all.

Anna and Sara , your church wardens.

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