Itchen Valley – The Fallen 1918-1945




Francis Hall

Bombadier Royal Field Artillery

Died (aged 20) of Wounds France 27th November 1917

Parent: Helen Hall of Avington

(not clear if any relation of:)

Sidney Hall

Private 8th Bn. Royal Berkshire Regiment

Died (aged 21) as a Prisoner of War 6th October 1919

Born 1898/9

Edward G Hall

Private 1st Bn The Royal Hampshire Regiment

Killed (aged 23) in France 26th April 1915

Born 1892/3

Parents of Sydney and Edward: George and Ameila Hall George Hall was a woodman on the Avington estate,

The Halls lived in Avington Row with their 9 children

2 of whom died by 1911 before WW1 and 2 of whom died in the war.

Percy Gray

Trooper 1st Northumberland Hussars

Born 1892

Parents: John and Kate Gray

Died of wounds 30th August 1918

Frederick C Keele

Sergeant 5th Battalion City of London Rifle Brigade/The London Regiment

Died (aged 34) of wounds France 21st June 1917

Parents: Jesse and Ellen Keele. 

Cecil W Shelley

Lieutenant 2nd Battalion Scots Guards

Killed (aged 41) in action 17th October 1915

Born 1873/4

Parents: Sir Charles and Lady Mary Shelley.  Charles was a retired colonel and landowner, living on own means.  They lived at Avington House and had nine children


Ernest Cannons

Able-seaman HMS Courageous

Born 1918

Went down with his ship 17th September 1939

Parents: Harry and Fanny Cannons 



Albert A Freemantle

Private The Royal Hampshire Regiment

Killed Gallipoli 6th August 1915

not sure if any relation of: 

James J Freemantle

Private 1st Bn. The Scots Guards

Killed in Action 11th November 1914, France and Flanders

Born:1885/6 in Easton

Thomas Freemantle

Private 1st Bn. The Scots Guards

Killed in Action 11th November 1914, France and Flanders

Born 1887/8

Parents: William and Sarah Freemantle.  William was a general labourer of Easton Village.  The Freemantles had four children, of whom they lost two in WW1 on the same day.

Cecil W Chiddy

Trooper Lord Strathcona’s Horse (Royal Canadians)

Born 1883/4 in Easton

Killed on 24th May 1915

Parents: Edward and Charlotte Chiddy.  Albert Chiddy was a baker and grocer in Easton.  They had six children.

Patrick Collard

Corporal Grenadier Guards

Died 22nd June 1916

(not sure if any relation of:)

Louis Collard

Born 1889

Was working as a postman

Parents: Charles and Harriet Collard, Charles was the licensed victualler of the Chestnut Horse Inn. They had two children of which one was lost in WW1.

Sidney Tilbury

Born 1886/7

He was working as a baker’s boy

Parents: Charles Tilbury who was bricklayer labourer, of Easton.  He had three children

Albert E Cooper

Private The Wiltshire Regiment

Killed in Action 15th April 1918, France and Flanders

Parents: E.T. and Kate Cooper of Kingsclere



Edgar Chalk

Able Seaman HMS Partridge

Died 12th December 1917

Born 1892/3

Parents: Henry and Fanny Chalk gamekeeper, of Itchen Woods, Itchen Abbas.  They lived at Micheldever Lodge, Stratton Road, Northington with 3 children.

Frederick Martindale

2nd Lieutenant Scots Guards

Born 1893-5 in India

School: Winchester College 

Parents: Cecil and Constance Martindale.  Cecil was retired Major, Indian Corp.  They lived at The Lodge, Itchen Abbas

Walter Kerley

Private 1st Battalion Warwickshire Regiment

Killed in Action 9th April 1917

Born 1875/6

Parents: Charles and Emily Kerley of Spread Oak Cottages, Itchen Abbas

Christopher Simpson

Captain Royal Fusiliers, London Regiment

Born 1894

Died (aged 22) in France 7th October 1916

Parents: Byron and Beatrice Simpson of Barn Close Itchen Abbas

Frederick J Usher

Lance Corporal 4th Bedfordshire Regiment

Killed in Action 11th April 1917

Born 1894

Parents: James and Sarah Usher of Itchen Abbas

Charles Ballinger

Private 2/5th East Surrey Regiment

Frederick Brown

Private 1st Battalion The Royal Hampshire Regiment

Killed in Action 26th April 1915

William R Stroud

Private 1st Battalion The Royal Hampshire Regiment

Killed in Action 14th May 1915 (aged 28)

Born 1886

Working as a farm labourer

Lived in the house of William Aitken, traction engine driver on farm, of Broad Oak Cottages, Itchen Abbas,

William W.Vokes

Private 1/4th Battalion The Royal Hampshire Regiment

Died 27th September 1916 in Mesopotamia

Born 1888/9

Parents: David and Annie Vokes David Vokes was a flour miller living in Itchen Mill, Itchen Abbas

Thomas H. Clarke

Lance Corporal 5th Battalion Dorset Regiment

Born 1894 Peshawar, India

Killed in Action 9th August 1915 Gallipoli

Parent: Mrs A Clarke


 Ronald H.Vaughan

Able Seaman HMS Kashmir

Died 23rd May 1943

Stanley SA Paddock

Stoker Royal Navy HMS Hood

Born 1921

Died 24th May 1941 (aged 20)

Frederick Paddock

Air Mechanic Fleet Air Arm HMS Avenger

Born 1918

Died 15th November 1942

Parents of Stanley and Frederick: Charles and Edith Paddock

Arthur E Hillier, OBE

Major (Acting Lt.Col) North Staffordshire Regiment (attached to DLI)

Born 1909

Died 21st October 1944

Peter Worlock

Lieutenant South Staffordshire and Nigeria Regiment

Born 1915

Death 30th October 1942

Parents: Harford and Dora Worlock of Uitvlugt British Guiana

Donald B.Falconer, DFC, AFC

Wing Commander RAFVR, RAF Upwood, 156 Squadron, Lancaster Bomber GT-N

Born 1916

Killed 30th December 1944 (aged 28) crashed at Koln-Rodenkirchen

Parents: James and Gertrude Falconer of Concession Southern Rhodesia

Keith J.Falconer, DFC

Flight Lieutenant RAFVR,

Based at RAF Stradishall, 214 Squadron, Wellington Bomber R1784

Born 1908

Killed 8th September 1941, Berlin

Parents James and Marion Falconer of St Marylebone London

William O’Neill

Flight Sergeant Pathfinder Force RAF

Edward J. A. Williams, DFC

Flight Lieutenant RAFVR, 69 Squadron

Born 1919

Died 15th January 1942, Malta

Parents: Frank and Annie Williams of Itchen Abbas



Frederick Burgess

Born1879/80 in Alresford

Working as a carter on a farm

Living in the house of Walter Croaker, carter, of Graces Cottages, Martyr Worthy.

William C.Coombs

Sergeant, The Royal Hampshire Regiment

Died 6th October 1916 Mesopotamia

Born 1892 in Winchester

Working as a case paper/clerks Winchester Union

Parents: Charles and Louisa Coombs baker domestic; they had three children

Ernest Hall

Private 2nd Bn The Wiltshire Regiment

Born 1886

Killed in Action 9th April 1917 France

Parents: James and Francy Hall of Martyr Worthy

Husband of Alice Hall and father of Ivy Hall

living Manor Cottage Easton

working as a bricklayer

Sidney Harrison

Private Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry

Born 1889

Died of Wounds 23/04/1918, France

Frank F. Merritt

Lance Corporal 4th Bn Royal Marines Light Infantry

Born 1877/8

Died 23rd April 1918; served in Persian Gulf and South African Campaign

Working as a carter

Parents Frank and Elizabeth Merritt; they had six children and lived on Itchen Common, Itchen Abbas and latterly in Martyr Worthy

Three Merritts are mentioned in the Martyr Worthy roll of honour as having fought in WW1.

Sydney Herbert Morley

Rifleman 13th Bn. The Rifle Brigade

Born 1892

Died 8th May 1918, France

Working as a baker and living with his parents Alfred and Elizabeth Morley who had four children

Two Morleys are listed in the Martyr Worthy roll of honour as having fought in WW1

Herbert F Passingham

Lance Corporal The Royal Hampshire Regiment

Born 1891/2

Killed in action 4th June 1915 Gallipoli

Parents: Henry and Mary Jane Passingham.  Henry was a cowman on farm and lived at Couch Green, Martyr Worthy.  They had four children. 

George William Pearce

Private The Royal Hampshire Regiment

Born 1895

Died 21st January 1916 Mesopotamia
Parents: Alfred and Bessie Pearce of Sandydown Stockbridge Hampshire

Three Pearces are listed in the Martyr Worthy roll of honour as having fought in World War 1.

Frederick Purdue

Lance Corporal The Royal Hampshire Regiment

Killed in Action 1st July 1916 France and Flanders

Three Purdues are listed in the Martyr Worthy roll of honour as having fought in World War 1

George Leslie Reid

2nd Lieutenant Dragoon Guards

Born 1898

Death 1st December 1917

Parents: Dr Reid and Lady Watts of 68 Lygon Place London

Charles G White

Private The Royal Hampshire Regiment

Died of Wounds 23rd May 1916 The Balkans

2 possibilities!


Working as a shepherd boy

Born 1894/5 living with parents William and Sarah Ann White.  William was a farm labourer of Bridgetts Farm Cottages, Martyr. They had five children


Working as a farm carter boy and later as a saddler.

Born 1884/5:  living with parents Robert and Mary White thatcher on farm of Main Road, Martyr Worthy.  They had 18 children altogether!

Owen Edwin Legg

Could be born 1889 (named Edwin Allen Legg)

Parents: Thomas and Caroline Legg.  Thomas was a carter of Park Side Bishops Sutton



James Butler

Lance Corporal 1/4th Bn. The Royal Hampshire Regiment

Born 1916

Died 22nd April 1943 North Africa

Parents: William and Maria Butler

Robert S.Fullick

Leading Stoker HMS Kashmir

Parents: Albert and Alice Fullick of Compton Winchester

Geoffrey N.Holbrook

Lieutenant Royal Horse Artillery, 12 (HAC) Regiment

Born 1924

Killed 10th April 1945, Italy

Parents: Commander and Mrs N.D Holbrook, VC, RN of Petersfield Hampshire

Osborne C. Parry

Sapper Royal Engineers 159, Railway Construction Company

Born 1918

Died 17th June 1940, France

Please note that the sources for this information have been:  Church memorials; the Martyr Worthy Roll of Honour;; 1891, 1901 and 1911 censuses.

Many thanks to Mandy Caldwell who put together much of the material. 

Revd. Alex Pease

We shall remember them

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