I Witness: The Winchester Lent Course – First Evening

I witness

71501849-1A79-494C-A453-D6D86358DE3B22 of us crowded under the bell ropes of St Swithun’s, Martyr Worthy for the first session of our Lent Course on Stewarding Faithfully led by Revd Amanda Denniss, our Rector.  She spoke briefly summarising the teaching of the morning’s sermon at Parish Communion about how our Creator wants us to enjoy His creation, to care for it and to share it.

We then heard Luke 9:10-17 and broke up into groups of 4 to discuss what had stood out to us from the passage; to talk about what part of creation made our hearts sing and what we could do to steward that part of creation faithfully.

We then turned to groups of 2 or 3 to speak about recent experiences of God that we were able to speak about.

A great start to what will be a very good course.

Revd Alex Pease

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