News from Lango Diocese Uganda

Hello, I bring you greetings and huge thanks from the lovely folk of Lango Diocese in Northern Uganda, who have been greatly blessed by the donation that they received in February from your Deanery.
I am a retired GP and Reader at our local Anglican Church. My wife Ceri (trained midwife ) and I have been helping to develop the Boroboro Health Centre run by the Lango Diocese, visiting 2-3times a year for 8 years.   We are fairly happy with this progress but now have become aware of the very great needs to develop the Diocesan Youth Vocational Training    (VTC).
On my most recent visit 6 weeks ago I joined a team teaching 192 Pastors, Readers, and Mothers Union leaders, to use a Discipleship course in their parishes, called ‘Rooted in Jesus’. This went very well but was dependent on a contribution from Alresford Deanery to provide food for them over the 4 days. This was much appreciated.  However the major share of your Deanery gifts has gone to help out at the VTC. They are setting up courses to enable young people to learn skills in building construction, carpentry, tailoring, making clothes for school uniforms, catering, and learning improved farming methods etc.   They are very short of equipment, such as sewing machines, tools etc.   At present they are constructing classrooms but the money has run out. Also the student accommodation provided is awful. This work really is invaluable as without some skills the young people have very few prospects in life.  The vision is that this training should go hand in hand with spiritual development, and learning inter-personal and leadership skills to benefit the whole of society.
Again many thanks for your support. I’m sure that the partnership in the future will be mutually blessed.
In service with you, to see the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus being blessed and grow.
Andy Douglass

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